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Tepidarium 60°C

Low-temperature sauna with therapeutic light show

Light play in four colours - At a room temperature of 60C and 40 percent humidity, the 4 spectral colours shine. Red is stimulating, yellow makes you carefree, green relaxes you and blue expands the soul and encourages you to dream. Especially recommended on rainy autumn and winter days.


The colour red:

Red is preferably used when our life forces are weakened. It increases our energy level, our mental strength: because red stimulates all processes in the body, stimulates metabolic activities and exerts a strong influence on the vegetative nervous system. Warm red also has an invigorating and positively reinforcing effect on an emotional level. It increases sensuality, conscious experience and feeling and the expression of uninhibited passion. On a mental level, the energy of the colour red gives us a strong will, determination and stamina.


The colour blue:

Blue has a calming and relaxing effect. This colour is ideal for finding inner and outer peace, for reducing stress and hecticness. Blue releases nervous cramps, the muscles relax and the heart can calm down again. Blue conveys the balancing energy that our organism needs to cope with the increasingly hectic everyday life in a calm and serene way. In colour therapy, blue is used, among other things, to treat migraines, throat complaints, febrile illnesses and back pain. As a meditative colour, blue can be used to cool down from the stress of the day, for regeneration and recovery.


The colour yellow:

In our latitudes, the colour yellow is only relatively popular. It is associated with envy, betrayal and cowardice and is rarely chosen as a favourite colour. Nevertheless, yellow is a warm colour because it is associated with concepts such as sun and light. However, yellow equally stands for alertness, creativity and a quick mind.


The colour green:

Green is the colour of the middle. In its perfect neutrality between all extremes, it has a calming effect without being tiring. The colour green promotes qualities such as helpfulness, endurance, tolerance and contentment. In medical colour therapy, green is considered a colour that balances the rhythm of the heart and kidneys. Green is also used for stomach ulcers, allergies, eye fatigue and signs of premature ageing. The colour green serves as a neutral healing colour that does not cause any physical complaints or counter-reactions. It helps to gather strength and brings regeneration. Green conveys peace of mind for the eyes, because looking into the green is never strenuous, but strengthens the eye for all other impressions.